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About Us


As a young boy growing up, I always admired my grandpa and grandma as they made connection with the soil, the food they grow, and the people who benefitted from their yearly produce.  I love to reminiscent on grandpa’s determination to have a good soil before planting his seeds and grandma’s tireless effort to reap the crops when it’s time for harvest. My grandma continues to work the family farm even when grandpa died. Yes, I can candidly admit with a huge smile on my face, I was definitely ignited to become a farmer at a tender age.

Now that I’m older, I considered myself not just an ordinary farmer but a farmer that is passionate about farming. Like grandpa and grandma, I have an intimate relationship with the soil of my garden. When I kneel in the soil, I love to feel the texture while observing its quality before planting. For a good yield of crop production, your soil must have a pH balance depending on the type of plant. Soil pH is a measure of the acidity and alkalinity in soils. Some plants like blueberries love acidic soil while cabbage loves alkaline. I love to see the bright colors of my fruits and vegetables at time of harvest. Not only do they look great but taste delicious as well.  The quality of your soil will determine the quality of your food.


My love for farming has bring me into a closer relationship with God and others. God has created the first man (Adam) to keep the garden. Likewise, God has been giving me the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom how to grow quality food that will nourish my family. With this knowledge, I immensely love imparting it to others during practical demonstrations.  It thrills my soul when people have implemented the taught lessons and yield much success. Also, I enjoy giving back some of the blessings of our produce to the community and to hear testimonies how God’s blessings through our produce have made a difference in many lives.

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I want people to have healthy and prosperous lives. There are so many things in life one can enjoy, but personally for me, one of the things I enjoy the most is cooking.  A kind of cooking that allows one to be benefited spiritually, emotionally and physically.

When you nourish your stomach with foods that heal, your brain is able to perform its duty perfectly. People would be connected to their creator (God) and have a peace of mind as well as prosperous lives.


The brain has a direct effect on the stomach. For example, the very thought of eating can release the stomach’s juices before the food gets there. So when I cook, the cooking herbs sends a sweet aroma in the air. The aroma attracts one’s mind to the food and allows the brain and the stomach to connect gravitating to the meal before eating. This put a smile on people faces prior to and while they eat the healthy, delicious meal that God has used my hands to prepare.

I love to see people happy and satisfied after eating a meal. Especially my loving husband, Noel. It brings joy to my heart when Noel thoroughly clean his plate after eating and then ask for seconds. Also, it brings on a wonderful feeling when family and friends come together whether at the dinner table or outdoor in nature under a tree enjoying a tasty meal. I have seen how a healthy tasty meal accentuate such fellowship leaving a long lasting imprint on the mind. It is certainly a blessing to know that the food you eat to sustain and give energy can actual heal, help you obtain, and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Our God is so awesome! He wants us to be in health and enjoy life and the food we eat.

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