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Ms R

“Due to my chronic heart problem & other health issues, I had the following symptoms prior to my visit at Nature’s Imprint Gardening & Cuisine Lifestyle Center:

Shortness of breath when I walk even short distances. Poor circulation, constant leg cramps, feet- swollen & very dark. Headaches & digestive problems Overweight No longer have these issues & I feel great!  


Thanks to Nature’s Imprint Gardening & Cuisine Lifestyle Center!



Sophia & Noel were a big help to me. During the cooking classes, I learned about plant-based diet & how healthy it is. My health has improved eating plant-based meals. They are caring people, a joy to be around.”



Nature’s Imprint has made a difference in our lives! My family and I truly appreciate the food donation via their community outreach.

Thank you so much!! 

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 I have be on medication for 25 years for my diabetes. Thanks to God Almighty and with the assistance of Nature’s Imprint Lifestyle Center, I am able to be medication free & doing great!!



I thank God for using Noel & Sophia to assist my family with ongoing donations over the past year. They are caring people and I truly appreciate their kindness!!



We have benefitted from the donations received from Nature’s Imprint. Their additional support honestly makes a difference. Thanks Nature’s Imprint!!



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